Terms of Business

We aim to provide a great customer experience and a very high standard of garment care. If we fall short of these standards, we hope you will get in touch with us to let us know how we could have done better, and so that we can make things right.

Our process is to follow the guidance of the care label attached to your items and will only deviate from these cleaning instructions at your insistence and responsibility. If the label has been removed, or is damaged, we will similarly ask for you to take responsibility.

If you there is an issue with your order that we did not notice, you must notify us of this within 24 hours of collection. If notified within this time, we will happily reclean or repress your garments, but cannot accept responsibility beyond that timeframe.

Whilst we will do our utmost to clean your items, we cannot guarantee that all stains or marks will be completely cleaned off. In such a circumstance, you are still liable for the cost of cleaning.

We have a minimum order value for home collections, and serve a limited area. If you would like our services but are unable to visit our store, and our outside our collection area, you are welcome to send a courier with your items. We cannot accept responsibility for either the delivery to us or collection from us by third party couriers.

We expect all orders to be collected within 30 days of them being ready, unless other arrangements have been made with us. Orders that are left with us for extended time periods may be subject to an additional fee.

The due dates mentioned on order confirmations are expected dates and not guarantees. If you item needs extra cleaning or care, the ready date may vary.

Items in our care that have been lost or irretrievably damaged will be reimbursed at a fair rate given their original value, their age, and their condition when brought in to us.