Tailoring Storage

Curated Storage for Tailoring

We provide safe and secure storage for bespoke wardrobes that have outgrown your space at home. Entrust us with your out of season garments, and we will clean them, store them and hand press them when you need them back.

All garments will be kept directly with us and our pressing team, alongside the items we look after for the tailoring houses of Savile Row and beyond, and will be regularly protected against moths and fully insured.

The Process

We can collect from your home, then inventory and photograph all items in our care, so you always know what is being kept with us. All items will be carefully dry cleaned to prevent any moth infestation, and any damage flagged for repair. 

We will then store your bespoke garments on rails with our pressing team, so you can be assured they are in safe hands and a suitable environment. At the end of the term, or when you need an item returned to you, everything will be hand pressed, carefully packed and delivered.

Quarterly Storage Prices

2 Piece Suit £95

3 Piece Suit £115

2 Piece Evening Suit £105

Jacket £70

Trousers £50

Overcoat £93

Prices include Dry Clean and Hand Press services

Complimentary home collection and delivery

Surcharges for certain fabrics may apply

Minimum spend of £500 per client

London Lockers

A London pied a terre for your wardrobe; our St James’s ‘Lockers’ allow you to keep certain items in town rather than carry them back and forth.

Your items will be carefully hung and stored, safe against wrinkles and moths, and accessible to you during our normal store opening hours. Certain members clubs in the area can arrange for items to be collected and returned to the clubhouse by prior agreement.

1′ Hanging Locker £240 per year

Includes box storage of 1′ by 2′ for shoes and accessories. Suitable for those in town for a day or two at a time.

6′ Hanging Locker £1,200 per year

Includes box storage of 6′ by 2′ for shoes and accessories. Perfect for international clients wanting a week or two’s worth of clothing in London.

Any cleaning, pressing or polishing services requested will be added to your bill at our standard rates.