Alterations and Repairs

Suit alterations and garment repair might seem like the unsung heroes of garment maintenance, but at The Valet, we take great pride in being able to keep your old favourites going.

Having invested in quality pieces, you want them to live their longest lives, and to follow changes in your style or body over the years.

Alterations Tailoring

suit alterations

Trouser Hems £35

Whether you’ve changed your mind on the style, picked up a pre-owned bargain, or have simply purchased ready-to-wear trousers with unfinished hems, we can take care of it.

With our bespoke tailoring experience, we are very happy to offer our thoughts on length of trouser to create the right break, or the height of turn ups for the look you’re after.

Dry Cleaning £54 for a 2-piece

One of the backbone services at the Valet, and one of which we are incredibly proud. Our experienced team is proficient in dealing with all types of materials, and we adjust our care programmes accordingly.

This service typically includes our ‘workshop press’, but we offer an upgrade to our Hand Press finishing service for £24.

“It’s very rare to find a one-size-fits-all location. Until now, that is…”

The Rake Magazine

Repairs and Invisible Mending

Invisble Mending £120

The complicated business of recovering fibres from hidden seams and inlays, and then reweaving them into the fabric to close up a hole is a painstaking and time-consuming affair. But the results are undeniably first rate.

Hand sewn button hole £35

Another perk of working so closely with the Savile Row bespoke tailoring community is our ability to provide hand finishing details such as button holes. We are pleased to offer this to private clients as well as the tailoring brands themselves.

If you’re unable to visit us in London, you’re welcome to send your items to us…