Shoe Care and Repair

Well made shoes deserve nothing less in the their maintenance than in their construction. To ensure your shoes look their best for their longest, we provide nourishing polishing services as well as a wider range of shoe repairs than we could describe here!

Learn more about our more popular services below, or get in touch to discuss your specific issues.

Shoe Polishing and Cleaning

Standard Polish £24

Perhaps a misnomer as there’s nothing ‘standard’ about our attention to the health of the leather, or the bright cap shine we add to set off the shoes, making them look their very best.


Glacage Polish £60

Akin to our Standard Polish, but with the mirror finish extended beyond the toe cap to include the rear quarters and down the flanks of the shoes. A very special service ideally suited to simple shoe patterns.

Suede Cleaning £40

Cleaning suede shoes is not for the feint-hearted, but can yield tremendous results. Once the uppers have been rubbed down, shampoo’d and dried, we use a range of sprays to return colour, nourish the suede and add a protective layer. Finally, we recolour the sole edges to frame the newly refreshed shoes.

Trainer Cleaning P.O.A.

There’s such a wide range of sneakers and trainers in terms of materials and styles that we encourage you to contact us with photos or swing by our Mayfair location for a full consultation.

“There is a very particular pleasure in polishing your own shoes. But if you’re lazy, bad at it, or want to change the colour with dyes (patination) then a specialist is needed.”

Simon Crompton, Permanent Style

Resoling and Repairs

Standard Resole £165

Your choice of oak bark oil tanned leather soles, or a wide array of rubber units from discreet and functional City Rubber.

Flaneur Resole £195

Premium shoes have what’s called Closed Channel soles; extra hand-work on the sole to hide the stitching and create a beautifully clean look. This is exactly what we do in our Flaneur Resole. 

Small Repairs £65

Reheels, metal toe plates, back liners, and more. These repairs make your shoes more comfortable or buy time before a full resole is needed.
When added to another repair service, Small Repairs are charged at £40.

Ladies’ Heel Tips £17.50

Strong rubber tips to replace worn or damaged heel pieces, carefully sculpted to fit seamlessly into the heel, which is itself tidied up of scuffs and scratches.

All of our repair services also include cleaning and nourishing the uppers with our standard polish or suede clean as appropriate.

“A team of craftsmen who’ll recondition and polish shoes, and a patina artist who’ll re-colour them, lavishing hours of attention on a single pair.”

Aleks Cvetkovic, Robb Report