Our Services

Our full range of services is too large to make for good reading; below represents some client favourites and areas of expertise of which we, at the Valet, are particularly proud.

To learn more about these services or ask about others, please do get in touch and we will be very happy to help with your enquiry.

Care Bundles

Formalwear Bundle £100

For those attending formal events (black/white tie or morning dress occasions), we have combined a shoe polish, shirt clean and hand-press, and a suit sponge press to ensure you’re looking your best from head to toe.

Bedroom Linens Bundle £55

Simply strip the bed and place everything in one of our Valet laundry bags, and drop the whole bundle to us for cleaning. This bundle includes up to four pillow cases, a duvet cover, and a couple of sheets and is a simple, hassle-free way of taking care of your bed linen.

Suit Care

Sponge and Hand Press Jacket £45

Bespoke and hand-made suits require particular attention and ought not be dry cleaned regularly. Instead, any tailor would recommend your suits be pressed by hand to keep them fresh and help them retain the suit’s shape.

Alterations and Tailoring P.O.A.

Being part of the Savile Row bespoke community has its perks! Whether you need small alterations such as trouser hemming or more significant tailoring like taking in a jacket, you can be sure that our in-house tailors are more than qualified to give advice and deliver a great service.

Dry Cleaning £46 for a 2-piece

For heavy soiling, there’s no substitute for dry cleaning. We’ll ensure your garments are stain free. For a further £24, we’ll also hand press the life back into to them.

Shirt Services

Launder and Press £9

To get your shirts looking their best, we first hand scrub collars and cuffs, thoroughly launder, then press them back to a crisp, fresh look. Then, you have the option of collecting them either meticulously folded or hung and safely packaged.

Stiff Shirt Laundry £32

For traditionally starched stiff fronted dress shirts we offer the option of hanging or folded. We can also clean and starch stiff collars, waistcoats and white ties. We are one of the very few remaining places in the country who can offer this service.

Alterations and Repairs

Invisible Mending £120

Re-weaving the fibres of your cherished garments to cover moth holes or tears and leave virtually no trace that there ever was an issue.

Take in or Let out Jacket Waist £70

The balance and shape of a jacket often needs to be updated in order to flatter the wearer. Our experience with Savile Row bespoke makers means that we are ideally placed to help with re-crafting jackets.

Take in or Let out Trouser Waist £45

Our in-house tailors, thanks to a career with Savile Row’s bespoke houses, are able to perfectly measure you, offer suggestions on fit, and alter your trousers to ensure many more years of comfortable wear.

Shoe Care and Repair

Standard Polish £24

So much more than a ‘shine’, our standard polish involves nourishing the leather, cleaning the welt, and adding a bright glacage toe cap.

Small Repairs £55

Metal toe plates, reheels, replacing heel lining, patching worn areas; any number of signs of wear can be taken care of by our team of master cobblers. And, as with our resoles, each repair service includes our standard polish.

Resoling £145

Whether you need a leather sole or one of our rubber units, we have the expertise to return your shoes to better than new condition, especially since each resole includes our standard polish.

Patina £180

Often, over the lifetime of a shoe, you may decide that the colour wasn’t quite right and you don’t wear that pair too often. That’s when our service of stripping back the original finish, and hand dying a new colour in to the leather comes in. We can completely transform the look of your shoes.

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