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saphir shoe care

At The Valet, and under our previous guise as The Jaunty Flaneur, we take great pains to ensure we use the right product for our shoe care services. For us, that means the Saphir Medaille d’Or range.

Our utmost priority when polishing shoes is caring for the leather to ensure its longest life and healthiest appearance. The Saphir range of creams is ideally suited to this, both nourishing and recolouring calfskin better than the other brands we have experimented with over the years.

For the brightest mirror shine, we use combinations of the Saphir Medaille d’Or waxes, sometimes also with mirror gloss or amiral gloss. Building up many thin layers of wax, with the appropriate drops of water and our specially designed cotton cloths, is the surest way to create a lasting depth to the finish.

As firm believers in the Saphir range for our own use, we are also pleased to offer the range for our clients to purchase. Naturally we will give advice and tips on how to use each product, because we know that your taking regular care of your shoes makes our job that little bit easier when you do pop in for professional care and repair!

You are welcome to simply pop by and collect a few tins and pots, or if you have a complicated order in mind, we can remotely assess what you need (based on your shoe collection and amount of work you hope to put in), and pre-pack a bundle for you.

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