Leather Bag Repair and Care

Leather bag repair is a natural extension of our shoe care offering. Indeed any leather accessory can be nourished, coloured, restored and cared for in a way that adds life to the item or changes how it fits into the rest of your wardrobe.

As with our shoe care, our priority when dealing with bag repairs is the health of the leather. Surface treatments won’t cut it if you’re trying to keep the item for years to come; you need to look after the material through and through to stop if drying out and cracking. Our range of creams and leather moisturisers does exactly that – a deep clean and nourishment of the leather to ensure its long life.

We then look to use coloured creams or even leather dyes to restore (or even change) the look of your item. This is where the art of leather patina plays its part. We can add subtle ageing effects to give the bag or accessory more character, or even change its appearance completely.

Of course if your bag is damaged, we can replace zips, panels, hardware, handles, you name it. Our bag repair service is as varied as the bags that come across our desk; each project is bespoke and treated individually.

Whether you are looking to change the bag you have, or to ensure it ages well for many more years to come, we have the bag repair and care services to handle your commission.