Jacket Alterations

Jacket alterations can make a ready to wear suit as close to bespoke as can be. Our Savile Row experience dealing with the complex 3D nature of hand made suits places us in an ideal position to alter your jacket beyond what you may think is even possible.

Relatively straight forward jacket alterations, such as changing the sleeve length from the cuff or the crown, or taking in the side seams for a more waisted look, are just the start of what we can offer. Jacket alterations that can really set your suit apart from ‘off the peg’ include squaring the back neck or even adjusting the pitch of the sleeves.

If you’re lucky enough to have found a vintage or pre-owned bespoke suit, and need tailoring to customise that suit to you, the options are even more varied than with ready to wear. Extending the lives of these garments, and passing them down to the next generation, is exactly how these quality bespoke suits were made in the first place.